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Informazioni personali: 
Academic formation and degrees

-       BSc and MSc in “Psychology” (with laude), 1990-1995, Sapienza University of Rome.

-       Specialization in “Cognitive Psychology and Neural Networks”, 1996, Sapienza University of Rome.

-       Award from the Sapienza University of Rome to spend a year abroad for (research) specialization activities (at the Cognitive Psychology Unit of Leiden University, Netherlands), 1997-98.

-       “European Diploma in Cognitive and Brain Sciences” (EDCBS) for selected European Ph.D. students, 1999-2001.

-       Ph.D. in “Psychology and Cognitive Sciences”, 1998-2002, Sapienza University of Rome.


Academic positions

1999-2000: Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome.

2001-2005: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Sunderland (United Kingdom).

2003-2011: Visiting Researcher at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Saitama, Japan.

July 2005- June 2009: Senior Researcher with the “Re-entry of the Brains” award of the Italian University and Research State Ministry – at the Department of Psychology of Sapienza University of Rome.

November 2009 – present: Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology of Sapienza University of Rome.

December 2016 – Visiting Professor, funded by the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN), India (


Main current research interests

-          Cognitive neurocomputational modelling of consciousness, attention and working memory.

-          Psychophysics and electroencephalography of perceptual awareness and related functions;

-          Neuroimaging of meditation states and traits;

-          Interactions between emotion, attention and working memory;

-          Mindfulness, cognitive processes and emotion regulation.


Current academic teaching and management roles

- Module leader in “Psychology of consciousness” and “General psychology” (Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome).

- Vice-Director of ECONA – Interuniversity Center for Research on Cognitive Processing in Natural and Artificial Systems – at Sapienza University of Rome

- Director of the Master in “Mindfulness: practice, clinical applications and neuroscience” at Sapienza University of Rome.


International management roles

- 2014-present: Co-Founder and Chair of “Consciousness, Mindfulness, Compassion – CMC – International Association”.

- 2016-present: Member of the Advisory Board/Assembly of the Mind & Life Europe. 


Funded international research projects

- 2002-2004: Coordinator of the Unit of the University of Sunderland (UK) in the HEARTS (Health Early Alarm Recognition and Telemonitoring System) project funded by the European Union (FP5) (Project cost: 2,306,002; EU funding: 1,204,000) (

- 2003-2005: Coordinator at the University of Sunderland in a collaborative international computational modelling project with the RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Japan) – with funding of a Ph.D. position at the University of Sunderland from the RIKEN.

- 2008-2011: Coordinator at the University Sapienza of Rome in a collaborative international computational modelling project with the RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Japan) on multimodal binding, conscious access, attentional blink and visuo-spatial working memory, with funding of a post-doc position and of a Ph.D. student position at the Sapienza University from the RIKEN.

- 2015-2017: Coordinator of the project “Aware Mind-Brain: bridging insights on the mechanisms and neural substrates of human awareness and meditation” funded by BIAL Foundation.


Supervision of post-doc researchers and Ph.D students

Since 2003, supervision of 3 post-doc researchers (1 in UK and 2 in Italy) and 16 Ph.D. students (2 in UK and 14 in Italy).


Editorial activities

- Advisory Board of “Cognitive Processing”.

- Advisory Board of “Mindfulness”.

- Review Editor of “Frontiers in Cognition”.

- Review Editor of “Frontiers in Cognitive Science”.

- Former Associate Editor of the “International Journal of Mind, Brain and Cognition”.

- Editor of the Springer Book Series on “Awareness, emotion and empathy” (with H.P. Barendregt, F.M. Giommi and N. Srinivasan).


Guest editor work

- For “Cognitive Processing” (2010), Guest Editor of the Special Issue on “Neuroscience of meditation and consciousness (with N. Srinivasan).

- For “Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B” (2014), for the Theme Issue on “Understanding perceptual awareness and its neural basis” (with. N. Srinivasan and C. van Leeuwen).

- For “Mindfulness”, for the Special Issue on “Mindfulness and cognition” (with N. Srinivasan).


Organization of international conferences and workshops

- Chief organizer of the Lorentz Workshop on “Models of consciousness and clinical implications” (with H.P. Barendregt, F.M. Giommi, W.A. Phillips), Leiden, Netherlands, April 2-5, 2013.

- Chief organizer of the First International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM-1), Rome, May 8-13, 2013 (with F. Giommi, A.N.A. Singh, N.N. Singh).

- Chief organizer of the International Conference on Space and Situated Cognition (ICSC) Rome, September 7-11, 2015 (with M. Olivetti Belardinelli, T. Huenefeldt).

- Chief organizer of the Second International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM-2), Rome, May 11-15, 2016 (with F. Giommi, A.N.A. Singh, N.N. Singh).

- Chief organizer (with S.M. Aglioti) of the Summer School on “Empathy and Compassion”, sponsored by Sapienza University of Rome, June 2017.


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International research publications in peer-reviewed journals and chapters

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