PhD Program in Psychology and Social Neuroscience

The PhD in Psychology and Social Neuroscience is a 3 year multi-centre Ph.D.programme that is designed to train researchers in a multidisciplinary vein and to advancetheir knowledge in theory, research methodology, and several substantive fields that are part of psychology and social neuroscience field.
Students may apply to one of the two research tracks (curriculum):
A) Cognitive Social and Affective Neuroscience (CoSAN)
B) Personality and Organizational Psychology (POP).
The Cognitive, Social and Affective Neuroscience (CoSAN) Ph.D. is an international Ph.D. program that aims to investigate, within the framework of cognitive, social and affective neuroscience different topics spanning from embodied cognition, the neural correlates of cognitive, social and affective functions including empathy, intention, action, and emotion understanding, joint attention, joint action, cooperative and competitive behaviour, ingroup and outgroup processing and Self-Other distinction. These topics are studied in healthy subjects, along development and in subclinical, clinical and neuropsychological patients (i.e. patients with brain lesions affecting cognitive affective and social functions). All the activities of the curriculum (from students’ selection, research activities, writing and discussion of the thesis) are performed in English. 
The POP curriculum aims to stimulate and realize studies and research activities on the personal and contextual determinants of adaptive and maladaptive psychological functioning in different contexts. The PHd Program represents an answer to recent cultural challenges and it is based on the advances and successes of psychological research in the area of health promotion, well-being and social harmony in educational, organizational and sanitary and health contexts. The curriculum aims to achieve a multidisciplinary training and an advance knowledge in theory, research methodology, and several substantive fields that are part of personality in the life course, interpersonal and social relations within educational, organizational and cultural contexts.

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